Located in Bay Area, CA.  Liana Hayes, LMT, RYT & Reiki Master est. 2008

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Reiki Massage

Healing lives in ones heart not in the

hands of others - Liana Vines

I have been in practice for over 10 years practicing Massage Therapy and Energy healing, working with a wide variety of people ranging from physical aches and pains, pregnancy and postpartum, energy healing after a life transition or heartbreak, to sending Reiki and energy to past life traumas. We must remember that healing is not linear. We all need different things when healing and as a practitioner it is my job to have the tools, awareness and intuition to aid my clients into their own power and healing journey. We often latch onto people an ideas when we are searching for ourselves and grasping at ideas about what healing is 'supposed' to look like. Health and healing do not live in the hands of others it lives in our own hearts. We must heal ourselves to in turn heal each other. No one can do the work for you, however there are people out there who want to be with you through your journey and can guide you to your best life. I would like to be one of those people for you. 


Reiki translates to Rei - Universal Life and Qi or Ki - Force or Energy.  So Reiki literally translates to Universal Life Force Energy.  When receiving Reiki or energy work it is often equated to deeply relaxing and coming to a state of peace, contentment or pure bliss. A healing and warming of the self and soul. Energy healing is not about the practitioner using their own energy to heal someone but about utilizing universal energy to assist in someones healing. Also a reminder is necessary that no one can heal you. Only you can heal your self. 

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