Located in Bay Area, CA.  Liana Hayes, LMT, RYT & Reiki Master est. 2008

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Magnolia Lane Organizing

Professional Organizing & Energy Cleaning

Hello and Welcome! I'm so glad you have come to see the potential of what your home and energetic space can become! I like to work gently and thoroughly with my clients, their home and their energy to create a space they'll love. It is my goal to help my clients create an open, relaxing and easeful experience through physical and energetic clearing of the home, body and mind. I use a variety of custom techniques to work with the complexity of each client and help them achieve exactly the results they are looking for that will last.

We all have things that we need to clean and clear in our physical space as well as our energetic space to help make room for more love, openness, opportunities and fulfillment. Sometimes it can be hard doing these things on our own and letting go so I have created a program specifically tailored to each client to create a home and life that they love and enjoy without clutter and chaos. Through clearing physical space and opening up your home it allows the energy of the house to also open up, clear out and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. There are many benefits to organizing your home and life, such as, openness and brightness of physical space and energy, clarity of mind, increased creativity and best of all a beautiful clean home!

I started Professional Organizing when I was 18 years old working for my mentor as her assistant. I learned how to organize spaces that made sense for each individual, how to help someone with the process of letting go and creating a system that they themselves could maintain. I am also a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Energy Healer with a private practice in the Bay Area for over 10 years. Additionally, I have spent years as an office manager, bookkeeper and personal assistant, helping people organize their office, get their finances in order and create an easy to use system to help keep your office and finances on track.


We go through everything in the house from kitchen ware to paperwork to closets and sentimental items. When organizing your home everything needs to be addressed and looked at to know what feels good to have in your space and what to get rid of. Through this process you will not only have a beautiful clean and organized space, you will have a home your love and enjoy!

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